Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 19th Homework

Who Needs a White Cube These Days?
  • Reading this article made me realize that it is OK to run a space that does not necessarly look or run like a main-stream gallery.
  • Gallery's are always constantly changing--they act like fluid forms. If gallery's are always changing, than why should an artist be stuck showing in a white cube? If artists were only allowed to show in a white cube - it would limit they're creativity.
  • "Galleries are now trying to brake their ascent to establishment status by interrupting the flow of monthly shows and finished objects, substituting a month long presentation of short exhibitions and even shorter performances."
  • There are traditional spaces and alternative spaces, and the fluidity of the white cube falls under the word: transparency.
  • "Modes of Attention" and rhetoric displays" are slowly being tossed out out the average white cube space.

A New Boss, and a Jolt of Real-World Expertise

  • Many people in the art world where shocked when they found out the news that Jeffery Deitch, a New York art dealer became the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California.
  • Deitch is a prominent business man who received his MBA in business at Harvard.
  • He has a fascination with esoteric art. Some people in the art world think is taste in art is ridiculous and some people praise his taste of art.
  • The reason why some people are shocked that Deitch is the new director of the Museum of Contemporary art because it is unusual that a art dealer becomes director of a Museum.
  • I am in favor of Deitch accepting the role of art director, because he is a business man and the museum was in a financial crisis and they needed someone who is was more of a business man then an art director.

Anti-Mainstream Museum’s Mainstream Show

  • Skin Fruit was not a show good for the the New Museums exhibition.
  • Seeing the show up close did not make mends with the art world.
  • The show featured significant talets such as Mike Kelley and Cindy Sherman.
  • The show experienced negative criticism from the beginning.
  • The New Musuem's motto was about being Anti-Mainstream but it the New Museums exhibtion was very mainstream.
  • The exhibtion was poorly curated .

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