Monday, September 20, 2010

A VERY Rough & Dry First Draft of my Artist Statement

I create my paintings based off of American landscapes. I am intriged how the colors & warmth of air & land lie in our subconcious. In my work I am exploring how light & color spark emotion & feelings with my audience. I am interested in the effects of how time & space can connect with the viewer. My paintings are oil & canvas. The process of my paintings is cohesive throughout my body of work. I am inspired by empiricism-All knowledge that is given to us visually, is derived from a sense of experience. Painting, to me, is like a seductive dance. I want my paintings to provoke my viewers emotions & senses.

The expamples that i chose were: Molly Gordons Recipe Approch. I chose this example because it give me a great, basic outline of how to write an artist statement. Also, i looked at: Art Business "It's Stupid". I liked this example because it helped me realize that not everyone is an artist and that how it is important to connect with EVERYONE in an artist statement.

*This is a very, very, rough draft of my artist statement.

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