Monday, October 4, 2010

How Marina Abramovic's Red-Velvet Rope at MoMA Works

  • The line to sit opposite of Abramovic in the atrium of the MoMA is much indeed apart of her work.
  • The door policy is anything BUT democratic.
  • Not even employees at the MoMA rarely get to sit opposite from Abramovic!
  • Talk about the politics of things!
  • The space where Abramovic sits creates a feeling of hierarchy.

It seems to me that the MoMA is dealing with a Princess on their hands. How can an artist have so much control and power over people! This article is NOT about democracy. This article relates to antagonism: Toying with the viewer. Playing with status and emotions. This does NOT relate to my work because I don't have a mega name in the art world. I guess artists can have and control over encounters because of how famous they are. Obviously Abramovic's intentions were to create a hizzy at the MoMA by only allowing certain people sit in front of her. But, Let's just say that I wouldn't stand in line for 5 hours just to sit accross from the artist. I believe that when people are infatuated with certain icons if you will, they will do ANY thing to meet or be a part of to feel important.

Questions to consider:
  • What drives people to stand in line for 5 hours to sit behind a velvet rope?
  • Why do we want things that we can not necessarly have?
  • I am still trying to figure this last question out for myself. I'll get back to this at a later time-still baffeled by the red-velvet rope.

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  1. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master