Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zizek on Crossdressing to the Sound of Music

  • It was hard to me to understand what he was trying to say in the video due to his accent.
  • Zizek is talking about the Musical the Sound of Music the metaphor that the musical portrays is more like a "cheap shot."
  • Zizek believes that the Nazi's were impersonating the Jews all along.
  • The Jews where taking over the world in the arts, politics, and banking.
  • The Nazi's wanted to be like the Jews.
  • I liked how Zizek used the term "Cross-dress" in describing how the Nazi's wanted to look and have control like the Jews.
I do not understand how this video clip relates to what we are discussing in class. Maybe I am missing something. To me, the Sound of Music is a historic play about WWII. I never considered that the Nazi's wanted to impersonate the Jews in that manor.
  1. How does this video clip relate to our senior thesis?
  2. How is this metaphor of the Nazi's "cross-dressing" like Jews relevant to our class discussions?
  3. Why are we interpreting the Sound of Music?

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